Near And Yonder is an online travel magazine.

It covers the most magnificent regions in Europe – and later global destinations as well – with an emphasis on stunning details, hidden gems and secret spots. Our purpose is to inspire you and offer you the best advice and recommendations for your stay at your destination. We have a genuine love for the countryside and a passion for its beauty, lifestyle and the people who live there and cherish their home. We work closely with locals, who are truly the most valuable and honest travel resource one can find.

Near and Yonder offers a small, hand-picked selection of regional highlights with a dedication to unique experiences. Every spot has been personally visited – from the stunning scenery to charming hotels and local specialities – to ensure an honest evaluation. We stay up to date with the latest in every destination.

Near and Yonder is written and compiled by a team of professional journalists with an extensive background in travel, lifestyle, interior design and fashion, who are curious about the unusual and unexpected treasures of the world.


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